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Crypto.com just partnered with VISA – Could this be one of the reasons for CRO to go to the moon?

Earlier today, one of the largest growing Cryptocurrency Exchanges – Crypto.com which is a Hong Kong based company and has been operating in the Crypto industry since 2018 partnered with VISA.

This is some great news for CRO (Crypto.org Chain Token Holders), apart from many other updates they have done in the past few months.

Could this be one of many reasons for a CRO moonshot? Definitely!

Let’s see what else they have done and achieved:

  • Crypto.com already has over 10 MILLION users.
  • Crypto.com app is ranked #15 in “Finance” on Apple’s App Store.
  • They recently started burning 70 BILLION TOKENS! This was recorded as the largest token burn in history!
  • Crypto will be making their cards available to everyone based on FIAT value of CRO and not how many CRO tokens have.
  • Their cards offer perks such as 100% reimbursement (instant) for Shopify and Netflix purchases
  • Card holders can enjoy cashback starting from 2% and more and no fee ATM withdrawals for up to $400/$800 or more.
  • Anyone who holds a higher tier card can get Free Airport Lounge Access and similar perks
  • No monthly or annually fees for the cards
  • They have 0 fee for the first 30 days after joining for purchasing, trading, converting and swapping crypto dust into CRO.
  • They will be launching their own DeFi Wallet / mainnet on March 25th, 2021 which will be one of the lowest fees ever seen
  • Starting March 25th, users will be able to STAKE their CRO on the DeFi Wallet / mainnet enjoying 20% APY and your own wallet keys. Hell yeah!
  • They have partnered with many DeFi related companies and AIM FOR FULL DECENTRALIZATION!
  • Recent partnership with Aston Martin Formula One Team – they paid a serious amount of money to advertise their platform on Formula One!
  • Billions are being spent for adverts on Social Media and places that you can never imagine! They are literally nuts and going everywhere!
  • March 18 they started offering collateral loans, basically crypto credits where users can deposit collateral (many coins supported) and get a loan which is 50% of the collateral value at only 1% interest fee and $10 monthly fee.
  • Soon a NFT marketplace will be launched owed completely by their company.
  • They had the coolest giveaway for their users where members got Tesla Model 3 just for trading around $100 crypto on their platform

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Crypto.com advertisement on a Formula 1 car!

Furthermore on the Crypto.com partnership with VISA, their plans are to directly issue Crypto.com VISA cards to users in Australia, they are already offering their cards in the European Union, Canada and USA and they will start shipping cards to customers in Latin America, Middle East Countries, African Countries, Korea and Japan. They are expanding on the Balkans and Turkey as well.

Having in mind the coin is pretty much undervalued and the token burning has not taken effect on the price yet and there will be many more upcoming updates in the coming weeks, this could definitely make the price of the coin skyrocket and reach new all time highs of at least $1 or maybe $2 – $5 for people that are bullish on it.

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