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How to get Stellar (XLM) for Free – Earn Free Stellar

Stellar (XLM) is one of the first alt-coins that has risen after a conflict between the Ripple (XRP) team. It’s goal is to become a coin that will support banking operations and save the time needed and also the fees for banks to transfer money between each other. Stellar (XLM) is used by one of the oldest banks in Europe – Germany. It has a very bright future and compared to it’s rivals by market cap, Stellar (XLM) is definitely undervalued and has a lot of room to grow. As of early 2021, stellar has ~9B$ market cap, which is less than a half of XRP’s market cap, so it can grow faster than Ripple (XRP), especially if things don’t turn well with Ripple’s lawsuit & SEC issues.

Today you have the chance to get free $10 Stellar (XLM) that we recommend you to keep for long term and maybe even invest more.

Step #1 – Get $10 free cryptocurrency for just a simple sign up

Stellar (XLM) is available on Coinbase, after registering and buying $100 worth of any crypto asset, you will get $10 bonus in Coinbase and access to Coinbase Earn where you can get free Stellar.

Join now through this link on Coinbase, getting $10 once you buy $100 worth of crypto.

Step #2 – How to Earn $10 Stellar (XLM) using Coinbase Earn

After purchasing $100 worth of assets on Coinbase you will get access to Coinbase Earn + get instant $10. On Coinbase Earn, you will get $10 more Stellar (XLM).

Join now through this link on Coinbase today, get $10 once you purchase $100 worth of crypto and also join their Coinbase Earn program with potential to earn over $100 worth of crypto.

Or just click here: https://cryptocurrencywatchgroup.com/coinbase

Step #3 – By watching Stellar (XLM) Lessons you win $10 Free Stellar (XLM)

Once you got access to Coinbase Earn after buying your first $100 in crypto, you get access to a program called Coinbase Earn. Click the Coinbase Earn button and select “Earn XLM” on Stellar (XLM).

You will need to watch 5 lessons about Stellar (XLM) each one giving you $2 worth of Stellar (XLM) for your good job after you pass the tests.

Enjoy your free Stellar (XLM) with Cryptocurrency Watch Group and Coinbase Earn!


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