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How to get Free Band Protocol (BAND) – Earn Crypto for Free

Band Protocol (BAND) is coin with a max supply of 100 Million, the most popular exchange that supports BAND is Coinbase. The coin itself is with a low market cap, $305M as of early 2021.

Created to work together with the Ethereum, Solana and Polkadot Blockchains while bringing them real world data with the token. Continue reading this post and you will find out how you can get a $10 gift to your Coinbase balance and access to the CB Earn Application where you will get another gift of $3 worth Band Protocol (BAND) tokens/coins.

First Step – Sign up for a $10 balance gift after registration

Band Protocol (BAND) which is already on Coinbase can be purchased with the $10 gift that you will get, by swapping between crypto to BAND tokens, which will leave you $9 worth of BAND after the conversion fees in your account.

Reg. on Coinbase by clicking on this link now to get $10 crypto assets that are swappable for BAND and potential to earn additional $100 with the Earn Program.

Second Step – Get access to CB Earn and Earn while you learn Crypto

Navigate to the Coinbase Earn tab after successfully purchasing $100 worth of crypto, this tab will get unlocked.

Reg. on Coinbase through this link on Coinbase you must purchase $100 worth in crypto assets to get started with this.

Or just click here: https://cryptocurrencywatchgroup.com/coinbase

Third Step – Have a look at the amazing Band Protocol (BAND) Online Tutorials & Videos on CB & Earn Band

When you gained access to the Coinbase Earn already, this is done when you purchase $100 on Coinbase, you should then navigate on The Earn tab and click the button “Get Started” to earn your BAND tokens.

This cool black bearded homie will make you a company and teach you about BAND in only 3 short guides. The best thing is, you will get paid $1 worth of BAND for each guide.



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