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How to get Algorand (ALGO) for Free – Algorand Airdrop

Algorand (ALGO) is one of our favorite coins with a medium market cap of around 3B$ in early 2021, huge potential and up to 6% staking rewards. Algorand was created by Silvio Micali one of the people that got into cryptocurrencies decades ago, MIT professor and investor.

Algorand has one goal in mind, to become a financial cryptocurrency while keeping it’s decentralized features.

Guide One – Receive $10 tokens credit after registering on Coinbase

Algorand (ALGO) is available for purchase on Coinbase, after registering using our link you need to purchase $100 worth of crypto, that will give you $10 bonus that you can turn to ALGO and access to the Coinbase Earn program that will give you extra $6 of ALGO.

Register today through this link on Coinbase today, get $10 once you purchase $100 worth of crypto.

Guide Two – Learn & Earn $6 Algorand on Coinbase Learn

Make sure to purchase $100 worth of crypto to be eligible for the free $10 and to access the Earn app.

Register today through this link on Coinbase and earn Free Algo!

Or just click here: https://cryptocurrencywatchgroup.com/coinbase

Guide Three – Grab a Coffee and watch 3 algo lessons where you get paid $2 per each

There is no chance to fail on the test, you can re-take it anytime and guess the answers. Scroll down to the Coinbase Earn tab and select “Get started” over the Algorand (ALGO) learning program.

What is better than enjoying 3 lessons where someone pays you $2 each, getting $6 worth of ALGO and ability to learn about other coins and earn over $100 in total.

Keep your Algorand staked and become rich by the next bull run – you have our word!


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