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Alright @everyone , the announcement from last night was released without my consent (while I was asleep, even) and definitely paints a very misleading picture. The decision to release something this important, without group consensus, in the middle of the night, without adequate explanation was unequivocally poor judgement by all those involved. I apologize. As for the facts of the situation, I have never lied to any of you nor will I start now. You deserve the lengthy truth of the situation so that’s exactly what I’ll give you. Nothing more, nothing less. Myself, and my peers, invested in Ember just like everyone else here did – only to come to find that the original developers of this coin “mistakenly” coded in hyper-inflationary attributes to create the ideal pump & dump for them to profit. What Sensei was trying to say in the channel last night was that the initial code developers did create it with malicious intention, but like you all – we also fell victim to it before realizing the faults. We lacked the experience needed to solve ALL of the problems we faced, but we banded together to try to facilitate that change and find the individuals that did have the expertise to make the positive change happen. All we were was a group of people passionate about trying to bail out the people who fell victim to the scam from the start, and try to make something positive out of it.(edited)
So, we put together the team and tried to make positive changes. Some of us knew/know one another on a personal level, some of us don’t. The first shock was when AndrewBC up and left out of nowhere. As we’ve said before, but i’ll reiterate now, none of us knew he was leaving or why he left. One day everything is fine, next he’s disappeared and we’re left with zero coding knowledge to move forward with. We banded together and did the best we could, continued to try to work with exchanges and media sources, interviewed replacement tech dev heads. Once we found Sensei_Kevlar (Travis Savo) and brought him on board, he contributed his years of experience in the space to make it brutally clear that our tech/economic model was irreversibly flawed. That our intentions to correct Ember by burning it into Chartis would not work, and that the previous CTO (AndrewBC) was mistaken in his belief that it would. The rest of us spent days trying to brainstorm alternatives/solutions. Travis stuck to his guns that the best solution was just to cut Ember from the structured leadership entirely, and allow for open-source development to organically solve the issues. JT, myself, and some of the others took a serious opposition to any course of action that left the Ember community with nothing, but the group began to divide over how to address the situation.
After much deliberation, we did decide to dissolve the Ember leadership but committed ourselves to act as curators of the Ember community to foster natural growth and problem-solving that the Chartis burn solution was not going to be able to offer. Rather than find ourselves, and the community, hung out to the dry with a coin with no value due to tying the botched economic models together, we felt this was the most responsible course of action.
How this announcement was released was directly against my advisement and without my consent, or JT’s (and many others). I do apologize for the way this situation has been handled. Myself, JT, and other members of the self-made team never had any malicious intentions. We have never taken a penny from this project, never taken any deposits, never taken any salaries or compensation. We were here to try to make a positive difference, and unfortunately the Chartis/burn solution that we had drafted ended up being impossible to achieve those goals. The Ember hyperinflation model created by the initial scam-artists has done so much damage that a burn-to-swap solution just isn’t viable. That said, nobody is abandoning the project. Myself, JT, and many others are offering to remain a part of the community to foster and curate open-source development and growth. We are individually invested in Ember and it’s in our only interest to see the project rise from the depths and scorched history that it has suffered.
I have transferred ownership of this public Discord to @tanda so that he may organize and further the development of this project, driven by the community. All social media accounts will be made publicly available to @tanda and the other community supporters, of which they can share that information as they see fit. The marketing wallet (held by the Ember leadership to cover growth expenditures) will of course be returned to @tanda so that he may use it for the betterment of the project. We are releasing leadership rights with $0 to say for it. Our only goal has been, and continues to be, the responsible growth of the Ember project.
As for any private Discord server screenshots that are circulating, they are taken entirely out of context. There was much back and forth about how to handle the situation, and the final consensus was that it was in the community’s best interest for us to relinquish our control and put things back into the hands of all of you. Any statement made in private was made in a Chartis-specific channel, of which I only intended to clarify that the Ember-specific topics need not be spoken there if we were no longer going to be the directors/executives of the direction. That information and discussion deserves to be public amongst the community and that’s how we want(ed) it to be.
I hope you can all understand that our intentions were never malicious, nor was any profit/compensation ever received by myself or my team. Chalk it up to inexperience or ignorance, but our lack of technical understanding of how the project would work (and the misleading understanding provided by Andrew) unfortunately buried the burn-to-swap scenario before any of us knew that to be the case. As for my personal accounts being hidden/deleted, it’s because the number of death threats I am receiving for having not actually scammed anyone is abhorrent. I have nothing to hide, which is why I am still here in this Discord posting this novel for you all, but I am also not cool with being personally crucified on my unrelated accounts. I’m more than happy to stay in this Discord server and discuss it with anyone, but where the line is drawn is when my friends and family are getting death threats too.
I want to see Ember succeed. We all do. I will take responsibility for my team and I lacking the experience to make the burn-to-swap work, but the sad honest truth of it is that we had to do something. Ember was dying, and we wanted to facilitate positive change to take an original shit coin and bail out the community in a positive way. It wasn’t until that tech experience we needed to make it happen joined and told us that it wouldn’t work, that we realized our mistakes and opted to pursue other solutions. We aren’t abandoning the community or project, we are simply shifting gears to promote open-source advancement so that those with the expertise to help are encouraged to do so. This is true decentralization.
Look’s like this is the end for this project (EMB)
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