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Behind MLM – Crypto 888 Club review: Octacoin Cryptocurrency success

There is a lot of information to be found on the Crypto 888 club web site explaining who actually runs the business, but here we will give you a short presentation on it´s activities and owners.

The Crypto888 club web site domain (“”) was registered on march the 22nd 2015 by Alexander Romanov at the time in Malta.

The company is run from Hong Kong.

Alexander Romanov owns over one thousand betting shops and three casinos mainly based in Eastern Europe, but this is his first multi level marketing venture.

“I am lucky to have met some very talented people in the field who have all helped me make this company into what it is today,” tells Alexander in a recent interview. “We all work very hard to grow this company bigger every day, and with over 1000 people every day, we seem to be doing an amazing job.”

The Product line of Crypto888

A new member signs up to the program with an initial participation ranging from 150€ to 5.000€ which is converted to digital chips, just as in a casino, but instead of losing all your money because you really don´t know the odds, real professional gamblers will use your chips to make sure you receive winnings every week. And at the end of the 26 weeks program or lifecycle of every chip, they are converted into Octacoins for the equivalent value at that time.

The product you receive when signing up are chips, the service you get is your chips being handled by professionals in their field to maximise a return on your money.

The Crypto888 compensation plan.

When joining the crypto888 program you can invest up to 5000€ and collect your weekly participation profit, but you can also use your existing network to grow your network within crypto888 and make sure your winnings get higher each week.

You can find out how to do that in this article.

The joining packages offered are as follows:

  • Starter – 150€
  • Trainee – 550€
  • Basic – 1050€
  • Premium – €3050
  • Pro – 5050€


Once a new member signs up with crypto888 their money is converted into digital chips, which will be used by professional gamblers and stock market traders as well as investors to maximize the potential of your winnings. Thus far, each week the payout has been on average10% return on any investment into the program.

Once the chips have been purchased they cannot be refunded for obvious reasons, but each week you will be rewarded a payout (weekly ROI – return on investment) based on the amount of chips you have, which can partly be drawn out in cash after you have reached a certain amount. As with any program of its kind there is never a guarantee, and the track record shows incredible profit sharing so far !

On average, it will take a member approximately 3 months to see a full return on their money, if they don´t introduce any other members.

Affiliates that do introduce new members can see a return of their investment in as little as 1 month or in some cases even a week!

How much ROI is paid out each week depends on how much you have initially invested:

Package Initial Investment Weekly Profit Share entitlement
Starter 150€ 20%
Trainee 550€ 30%
Basic 1050€ 40%
Premium 3050€ 50%
Pro 550€ 60%

At the end of each 26 week maturity period of each digital chip, the digital chips that the club collected on your behalf will be converted to Octacoins.

Octacoin is a new cryptocurrency which recently has been launched to be mined, and of course, it has no value just yet, because the mining has only just started, but with over 150.000 members using their digital chips to convert to Octacoins soon, the cryptocurrency Octacoin, like bitcoin, will be worth money, and everyone, not just crypto888 members, can start using this exciting new currency in their online transactions.

Referral commissions

Referral commissions are awarded when you introduce a new member to the club, and can go as far as 3 levels down. So if your new member introduces someone else, you still get a nice little thank you gift from the club.

These referral commissions are as follows:

  • level 1 – 5%
  • level2 – 3% (you generated at least 6000 PV in sales volume)
  • level 3 – 2% (you generated at least 10,000 PV in sales volume)

PV means “Personal Volume” which is sales volume generated by personal referrals.

The amount of points are generated will depend on how much your total participation is:

  • Starter – 60 points
  • Trainee – 350 points
  • Basic – 800 points
  • Premium – 2500 points
  • Pro – 5000 points

Binary Commissions

Residual commissions are paid out using a binary compensation structure (legs).

A leg structure places a member at the top of a binary team split in 2 sides (left leg and right leg).

Positions in the legs define new members who have invested in at least 1 package


Volume is generated by these positions through members’ purchases. Points are generated as per referral commissions as we have explained above.

At the end of each week, crypto888 club tally up the points generated on either side of the binary for that week and commissions are paid out based on 10% of the volume you have generated on the weaker leg.

Note that binary commissions are capped on how much the member has personally invested. The cap is as follows:

  • Starter – €1000 a week
  • Trainee – €3000 a week
  • Basic – €5000 a week
  • Premium – €15,000 a week
  • Pro – €30,000 a week

In order for a member to qualify for binary commissions, a member must at least have 2 members who have at least 1 package each. 

Binary Matching Bonus

A matching bonus is available on binary commissions earned by the members in your legs, and is paid out down 3 levels.

As with referral commissions, the following qualification criteria applies:

  • level 1 – 5% (you generated 2000 PV)
  • level 2 – 10% (you generated 10,000 PV)
  • level 3 – 15% (you generated 20,000 PV)

Mandatory replay

The great thing about the weekly payments at crypto888 is that part of your payments will be made to you in Octacoins, which we talked about earlier in this article, but you can find out more about in this article too.

Of course some of your winnings will be put into the next “pot” for the following week. You can also take some of your winnings out in hard earned cash!

Joining the Crypto888 club


Crypto888 pays out each week from the winnings generated through sports betting, investments in real estate, renewable energy, gas & oil and stocks on the stock market. Your winnings can increase each week by introducing new members, but if you would rather participate on your own, and not share this great program with your friends, there is no need to get more members in your group if you don´t want to.

The more people you have in your group though, the higher your commission pay outs will be, and your winnings will depend on how much your new members have invested.

Apart from taking out part of your winnings in cash each week, some of your money also stays in your club account, which, after 26 weeks, will be converted into Octacoins.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 18.00.02Octacoin is a new Crypto Currency, which started to be mined in June of 2015.

Octacoin is also owned by Senet Holding, who have invested large sums of money to ensure all the logistics to start a new and safe crypto currency are in place.

Of course, they want their members all to enjoy Octacoin, and this is why they convert some of your winnings into Octacoins after 26 weeks. So even before the general public can purchase the Octacoin, the members of Crypto888 already have their hands on a good share of the cryptocurrency pie.

At the same time, this means the cryptocurrency has a head start above any other cryptocurrency currently being mined, as the Octacoin will immediately be worth a lot of money as soon as it is released to the general public; over 300,000 people are expected to own them already by that time!

Each member is of course encouraged to keep their money inside the club, to get as many Octacoins as possible as the participation in the club, but if you would rather take your money out, part of it can be taken out in cash at any time, without fail.

Many people already have been making money from the program, and this club of fortunate souls is growing every day. You can start with an easy participation of just 150€ and see how far it takes you but soon you will see, you are going to be hooked and be as excited as every other crypto888 member to see Monday come, because; Monday is Payday!

Payday every Monday with crypto888

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Russians Alexander Alexandrovich Romanov and Frøystein bakke












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