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Why we pick Electroneum.. Read below..
  • It can be mined via mobile app installed on the smartphone; they even have a free apple and android app.
    Utilizes the same block-chain model as Monero & Bytecoin but claims to be far more accessible and simple to use (2 decimal based cryptocurrency).
    Focus on gaming and gambling markets.


Why we pick Electroneum.. Read below..
  • By putting security first, our decisions help make sure that transactions, mining and the blockchain distribution are as decentralized as possible.
  • DigiByte blocks occur on the network every 15 seconds making DigiByte the fastest UTXO blockchain in the world today. DGB is 40x faster than Bitcoin.
  • Over the past 4 years, DigiByte has repeatedly set itself apart with multiple blockchain firsts, such as SegWit, MultiAlgo mining and DigiShield.


DISCLAIMER: Don’t enter any investment without fully understanding the worst-case scenarios of that investment. 
Never invest money you cannot afford to lose.

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