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Top Low Market Cap Altcoins to buy in 2021

Have you been looking for some really low market cap Altcoins to buy?

Everyone is investing in High Market Cap coins, which is also good, but it may take some time for these to double, triple, or 10X, so why not try some lower cap coins that have potential?

Here is the top list for March. 2021

  • Swipe (SXP)
  • TrustSwap (SWAP)
  • BitcoinVend (BCVT)
  • Glitch (GLCH)
  • Shopping.io (SPI)
  • ExeedMe (XED)


Swipe has huge potential with $276,291,712 market cap as of March 16, 2021. They were recently purchased by Binance so this allows a lot of investors to become interested into SXP.


Another potential 10X coin by a great owner, Jeff K. who is an early Bitcoin & ETH investor and has nothing to hide from the Public. They have their own staking options and their own LaunchPad for new coins, making it a great coin to invest in. As of March 16, 2021, the market cap is $169,572,054 and this can boom to 10 – 50X in a very short matter of time.


BitcoinVend (BCVT) is a coin available on TrustSwap and Uniswap with great potential, very low currently unknown market cap, owners that are not hiding and it’s overall a great project for mobile & crypto payments.

Glitch Protocol (GLCH)

Launched on TrustSwap, this is a whole new blockchain opening a lot of new options to traders with a mission to connect with other blockchains and be useful to the whole crypto community rather than compete with other coins.


A coin that gives you the ability to purchase from Ebay, Amazon, AliExpress and other marketplaces with any type of crypto. It has great potential and a very low market cap, $48,266,005 as of March 16, 2021.

ExeedMe (XED)

Focused on gaming and paying gamers using their own crypto, rewards, in game purchases and more. Only $58,204,37 Market cap as of March 16, 2021.

Hopefully you find this list helpful for some young and already developing coins, to be potential winners in the current bull run or grow a lot by the next bull run.

Stay tuned for more!


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