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Swipe (SXP) Price Prediction and Review – Real Gem!

We have recently discovered and started investing into Swipe (SXP) which is itself an exchange for buying, selling, swapping crypto and a crypto credit card provider.
In this post we will be reviewing the Swipe token (SXP) and why it has huge potential!

We first heard about Swipe (SXP) back in September on Coin Bureau’s channel where he did a review and comparisons on Swipe (SXP) with Crypto.com (CRO). Personally we started buying into Swipe early February, 2021 and it has already grown 100% since then.

Swipe (SXP) is a platform like Binance with their BNB token. Similar to BNB and CRO, the Swipe wallet has it’s own native token Swipe (SXP). So if you noticed how much BNB has grown and how much CRO grew, you surely know the potential of Swipe (SXP) in the future.

Ourselves being fans of CRO and the platform, we feel like Swipe (SXP) is a baby coin similar to CRO that is -10X of the CRO current value. This is a fact and if SXP ever reaches the market cap that CRO has, it will be worth ten times more.

Here are some great things about Swipe and why they boost it’s potential:
– Binance purchased Swipe a couple of months ago and they use the Swipe cards in some regions for the Binance platform
– The token is very undervalued with a low market cap being around $400M at the moment of writing trading at $3.70
– Plans on the Swipe (SXP) app include DeFi, Staking, Collateral credits & swaps
– The platform has plans to burn tokens in the summer and continue doing that on regular basis
– The market cap of SXP being 400M today and the market cap of CRO is $6.3B. This means that CRO is valued 15X times more than Swipe (SXP)When Swipe succeeds to reach the same 6.3B market cap math shows that it will be traded at around $65 per token.

If crypto continues to grow until the next BTC halving in 2014 and Swipe manages to get at least half of the market cap that Binance Coin (BNB) has it will be worth $500.
– Great supply of 285,659,951 coins while on the other hand CRO has a lot bigger supply of 30,263,013,692 coins.
This makes Swipe great and stronger on manipulation and price inflation.

Both Swipe and WazirX (WRX) are owed by Binance and recently WRX shoot up by 800% in one day.

Do your own research before investing in this coin.

Read more about the Swipe (SXP) acquisition by Binance on Binance.com



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