Last Friday Jsnip4 made this video about very risky investment he was getting into called Bitpetite and he explained that this was highly risky to put a bunch of money into. So Jsnip4 said he was gambling some of his gains he made in Veritaseum on this new investing site which was a little over $6,000. He made it clear to people if they were as crazy as him to not invest more than they were willing to afford to loose.

With that being said in the video, his crazy subscribers dumped an estimated $500,000 into this site. I’m not sure the exact number but Jsnip4 said he made around $50,000 on the 10% referral bonuses from all the people that signed up under him.

So a few days later Bitpetite site when down for some unknown reason it was right around Oct 31st when the site went down and after about a day of hearing nothing from the admins mostly everyone including Jsnip4 admitted they were scammed.

Now a ton of Jsnip4’s subscribers that got scammed are all pissed off saying everything negative under the sun about him. Thankfully I was wise enough and never got into this but I did invest a couple of ICOs he recommend like Pillar and Salt. I do feel bad for Jsnip4 he says he wants to refund everyone that got scammed the 10% referral bonus but honestly I don’t see that working to well in his favor either because he’s probably going to have a lot of fake emails claiming they were scammed but actually it’s just a lie to get some crypto’s out of him.

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